Attention and Performance

Dr. Wulf and new research evidence reported that an individual’s focus on attention could significantly influence the performance of a motor skill. Focusing too much attention on one’s action was reported to disrupt the performance regardless of how well the skill was practiced. In Dr. Wulf’s book “Attention and Motor Skill Learning,” she mentioned that even learning a new motor skill was also affected by focusing the attention to the coordination of our movements. 

If you still don’t understand this concept, Here is what I noticed from the world-famous Titanic movie. 

Here in this movie,

Rose: I don’t know the steps

Jack: Neither do I. Just go with it. Don’t think. 

See what happens in this scene after this conversation. 

Cool right! 

What a beautiful scene that creatively explains the concept of attention and motor skill. Maybe too much attention ruins the motor skill. Please read Dr. Wulf’s book titled “Attention and Motor Skill Learning” to improve your understanding of this research area in human movement science. 

Thanks to James Cameron and Dr. Wulf.

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